March 30, 1992

187. When You Say "I Have To Go"

One day I’ll go out walking,
And I’ll be able to take you with me.
You won’t have to worry about
Any of those things you say aren’t more important
Than spending your time with me.
You must consider -- if these things
Aren’t more important, why does it seem
              they always come before me?
How is it that I route my entire life -- every moment --
              around you; to make it better for you,
And all you can seem to find is three and a half minutes
              to hold me, give me a kiss, and send me on my way.
All I want to do is show the world--
The beauty in a sunset by the shore;
To feel a soft, warm breeze kiss your face;
The wonders of the sea I’ve come to adore,
              almost as much as I adore you.
I dream of the day when you will find the time
To sit quietly with me and not have to go;
To let me show you the beauty of my blue world
              and just how wondrous my love can be.

March 24, 1992

186. Don't Ask Why, Just Come With Me

I really can’t say just what it was
That made me want to hold you so tightly.
Maybe it’s because the sky is so blue,
And the sun is shining once more.
It could be the tide, the moon,
Or even the crash of the surf.
Maybe it’s how you look today,
So beautiful, your smile so bright.
Or maybe it’s just the way your eyes
       glimmer softly in the sunlight
And tell me just how much you love me.
All I can say is get used to it, my dear,
You’ll have to live with me loving you,
       loving you more than all the world.......

March 22, 1992

185. Never Could I Give You Too Much

With your own beautiful eyes,
       I wish you could see your face
              When I give you a rose.
So surprised, your eyes widen
       And sparkle in the sunlight
              Like midday stars in Heaven’s above.
You give a quick little gasp
       And that is when I know
              My love has taken your breath away.
Your tender lips part so slowly,
       Passing such gorgeous white pearls,
              And there is my smile I love so much.
You slowly move towards me,
       And wrap me all up
              In your warm, comforting embrace.
I can see the love in your eyes,
       And feel it in your touch,
              The subtle way you kiss my lips.
Deep in my chest, where my heart runs so free,
       A warm glow comes over me,
              And I offer you my smile in return.
As I hold you so close,
       I desire so greatly that these things,
                                the things I do for you,
              Show just how much I really do love you.
For you have made such a change in my life;
                                made the sky forever blue;
       And I dream that someday I may repay you
              And make you as happy as you’ve made me.......

March 19, 1992

184. How I Long To Take You Away

Listening to you cry,
I felt so helpless,
As if I could not do a thing.
How I wanted to be there with you,
To hold you in my arms so tightly,
And make the pain go away.
So troublesome this world can be:
Even though my love is so strong,
Sometimes its beauty can’t make you smile.
And hen I see this happening,
I dream of such a wondrous reverie,
Where we can share a world of peace,
                        a world that is all our own.
Gently gliding on the evening sky,
I’d swoop down on wings like an angel
And take you away from the world’s strife,
                        away to a much happier place.
This world is not a world, but a place in the Heavens,
Where dreams become reality,
And reality is all but a dream.
How I long to take you there, my love,
To the one moment in all a life time
When everything in the world is gone,
And all that is left is you and me.
Someday, my love, I will take you there,
                        take you there, time and time again.
And just to show you how much I love you,
                        to show you what you man to me,
When your eyes awake from their dream,
They will see the dew-kissed, early-morning rose
                        that I will be handing to you.

183. Carpe Diem, Seize The Day

I always think, my dear,
Of Carpe Diem, seize the day;
That what if tonight I should pass on,
And not be there for you with the dawn.
I want you to know, my dear,
That deep in my heart I am sure
That when the black shroud comes for me,
I will fight with my might and wit,
For I’ll want to stay with you.
Once I had very little, so life meant almost nothing,
But now life is so precious because I spend it with you.
So, should fate ever take me away,
Remember, my love, you must seize the day.
I’m really not sure why I’m telling you this,
But maybe someday we’ll both understand why.
My love will be with you always, even after I die.
When the summer breeze kisses your face,
My lips will always be with yours.
When you see a beautiful winter sunset,
My eyes will be looking back at you.
When you read my words,
My love will be sitting beside you.
Just sit quietly once in a while and remember me.
While you are thinking, look over your left shoulder,
For should some will of God take me from you in life,
If there is any possible way in life’s beyond,
I will struggle and fight to be standing behind you,
Pushing you onward and giving you love
For the rest of your life and even far beyond.......

182. Daydreaming With You

Clanging words, echoing sharply
       Off these boring walls of white.
Small, closed little room,
       Oh, why do I have to sit here?
Stuck in m y little corner,
       Here at the front of the class,
My eyes fighting to stay awake,
       My mind quietly begins to wander off.
Cloudy vision before my eyes,
       As finally, I awake into a dream.
Suddenly, I’m walking along
       A slow-moving brook.
The water sounds softly as it passes the rocks,
       Clearer than the bluest ocean ever was.
All around me, on both sides of the stream,
       Young seedlings, a few years old, reach towards the sky.
And beyond them ,flowing, age-old trees,
       Casting occasional shadows on the sunlit ground,
Circling around the quiet valley,
       Locking the stream safely in their embrace.
Delicate song glides upon the warm breeze,
       As birds in the branches five ode to the sun.
With such beauty all around,
Enclosing me within her embrace,
What else would make such a scene complete,
       Than to feel the gentle touch of your hand.
Quietly startles to have you with me in my dream,
       I turn over my shoulder to see you,
       To see you walking with me.
Your eyes are so wondrous,
       A subtle tint of green from the forest,
       Glimmering in the sunlight.
Your lips, so red, brilliant and bright,
       Part with such tenderness
       To show me the smile I love so much.
Your strands flow freely behind you
       Kissed by the warm summer breeze,
       Shining golden as we walk through the trees.
Reaching a clearing in the seedlings,
       I stop in my tracks, pulling you close,
       Bring you near to me, and gently, a kiss.
My lips touch yours with such a  wondrous feeling,
       Your hand gently holds the nape of my neck,
       And you sigh softly, your breath tickling my nose.
Slowly pulling away from our lips’ embrace,
       I look deep into your beautiful eyes,
       Hoping you see the love I feel for you.
I lower my hands down to yours,
       And hold them out together before you.
       “Here, hold out your hands,” I say.
You look at me, puzzled, but keep out your hands,
       As I look away, bend down to the ground,
       Picking up a small rock, sending a  squirrel scurrying away.
I stand up again, our eyes locking together once more,
       And smiling, you ask me in that curious tone,
       “What are you doing?”
“Nothing,” I say, smiling back at you,
       As I drop the rock into your open hands
       And place my two hands over yours.
“You see this small little rock in your hands?”
       I ask you; You not at me,
       Those beautiful lips still locked in a smile.
“Compare it in size to all the world,
       This wondrous, beautiful world
       That sits so immensely around us.”
You take your eyes away from mine,
       Looking all around you,
       Biting your bottom lip like you do when you’re thinking.
“This small little rock closed so tightly
       In your hand is all of the love
       And the happiness I’ve given to you this far,
“And all this world around you,
       The trees, the horizon so distant,
       Is the size of all the love I have yet to give you.’
Now, I hold you tightly in my embrace,
       Whispering, “I love you,”
       And sharing with you my dreams.
Suddenly, just as quickly as it came,
       The dream leaves with the cloudiness,
Leaves me sitting here in my corner,
       The boring white walls staring at me again.
I hear that annoying school-bell ring,
       And quick to my feet I rise.
Darting straight for the door,
       I emerge in the sunlight.
Walking quietly now, walking all alone,
       I look up only to see you.
Rushing over to you, I take you in my embrace,
       And tell you, “I love you,” a smile on my face;
       If only you could see the vision I just dreamt.
Look deep into my eyes and you will see,
       All the dreams that I have of you and me,
       Together, sharing, and forever in love.
And when I’m not here, holding you close,
       Just look up and gaze at the beauty of the world,
       Because my thoughts and my love are always with you,
Walking gently through the woods,
       Locked tightly as one with the world’s romantic beauty,
       And telling you always, my world is yours.......

March 18, 1992

181. Together As One, I Will Never Let You Go

I remember gazing up at the stars
Night after endless night,
Wishing, hoping, that such dreams,
Dreams of love and happiness,
Would someday make reality
Such a place I would want to see.
The world was such a shallow place,
No one cared to hear my thoughts,
To understand why I am this way,
To understand the quiet words I write,
And why I act the way I do.
Such great love was bottled up inside of me.
How I wanted to share it with someone;
Share with someone the words I penned from my heart,
The sunsets I always watched alone;
Share the tender, caring emotions I’ve known so long,
But never could I find someone to take such treasures.
Then, silently, like the sun that breaks the storm,
The smile to make you forget a depressing sing,
The sunrise that brightens a frightful night,
The soft hand reaching out that saved my morbid life,
You pushed your way into my heart,
And showed a dying romantic poet
That the beauty he sought out in the world
Was more than s shadowy dream,
But a joyous life that was no longer
Just a little bit out of reach.
Swimming with my memories,
Memories that now hold a joyful tear,
Swelling deep in my loving heart,
In the memory I will never forget:
The night we were first together.
The way the evening lights
And the silent moonlight,
Along with the glimmering stars,
Shone so softly off a countenance so gorgeous
And sparkled in those wonderful eyes.
Your touch felt so comforting,
As if I’d known you some million-odd years,
And you had always known how I felt inside.
Looking tenderly into such beautiful eyes,
I heard the angels in the sky,
Circling above the two of us.
They said to me, “Kiss her you tainted fool,
So that someday you will give each other
The happiness and love that makes this world
Spin 'round and ‘round, day after day.
Kiss her and make her yours.”
I bent down slightly as you reached up to me
And our lips met in such a twofold bliss.
To think such a beautiful love we share,
Started all that night with one little kiss.
With your mind running so quickly,
And your heart in such a fray,
I could do nothing but understand
During those gray, shady days
When you were not quite sure
Just what I meant to you.
I wanted nothing more than for you to see
The happiness and beauty love had put inside of me
So that I could share it all with you.
I will always remember the day,
The day I asked if you would be mine.
Not once before in all my life
Did a smile mean so much
As when you looked up, deep into my eyes,
Let that joyous smile emblazon your face,
And opened up your heart to me
So I could make you the happiest girl in all the world,
And begin to share all my love with you.
Slowly, the days fell into weeks,
The weeks crept into months,
And now, it seems as if
You’ve always been here, by my side.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
All the times we shared,
The memories that will live with us,
Even far past our mortal life,
Will always live on in these words,
And reappear with each days’ new dawn.
I think back to all that we’ve done--
The days laughing and cherishing,
The nights comforting and caring--
And all I can do is sit and smile
Because of all the love we have shared
And all that is yet to come.
For whether it be walking along the beach,
Laughing and teasing each other,
Sitting in the dark, holding hands,
Cherishing the beauty of a rose,
Dancing closely to a quiet melody,
Or even just watching the clouds roll by,
What makes such things so important,
What makes them so beautiful, so special,
Is that they are the things you and I share.
What makes life so grand,
And makes the sky forever blue,
Is that we are together as one
You and me, me and you --  us.
Simple words could never tell you
Just how much you mean to me,
But I’ll always be trying to show you
That of all the wonders the world holds,
Nothing will be so dear to me
As you and the love you’ve given to me.
And now that I have you,
It has made me realize that when I hold you,
All I have ever wanted--
The love, the happiness, the beauty, the dreams--
Are all right here in my arms.
That is why I tell you,
I’ll never let you go.

180. Don't Listen To My Words, Just Look Into My Heart

Don’t listen to me, my love,
       (This is the only time I’ll ask you to ignore me)
When I say I wonder
       Sometimes why it seems like you don’t care.
I’m still trying to understand why
       Those words passed my lips.
Maybe it’s because
       No sun in this world
       Could ever match
       How much I love you.
You must understand
       That once I saw only the darkness
       Of the midnight sky,
              Not seeing that the dawn
              Would surely come.
I just couldn’t comprehend
                     that you really love me,
But now that you’ve said it,
       And shown me in so many ways,
I no longer wallow in my darkened
                            midnight shadows,
But can’t wait to see the sunrise,
       To start a new day,
                     a new day I’ll share with you.......

179. Never Could You Take Too Much Of My Love

Upon a soft ocean breeze, carrying tide to sea,
Upon the current of a winding river,
                cutting through the forest floor,
My heart sails swiftly, running with beauty’s wind.
I remember the days long gone
                      with the wind and the rain
When my heart sank quietly in a puddle of tears,
       cursing life through dismal fears,
Until, softly, a hand reached out to me
       and rescued my life from itself,
       for you were that special someone
       who opened a new door to life,
              just when I was ready for the grand exit.
Sitting by my ocean blue, remembering my dreams,
                                my dreams of you,
I owe to you all the happiness in this life,
                the smiles,
                     the beauty I see in the world,
So if you wanted anything in the world,
       to have my way, it would be yours,
                     yours just as am I.
Such wondrous gifts you’ve given me,
       so how could your life ever burden me?
I do all that I do, my love, to show you
       that should you be walking one day,
                     and lose your way,
       I’ll always be beside you, to dry the quiet tears,
              and make your life beautiful with the passing years.

March 17, 1992

178. When You Think I Don't Care

Bright neon lights, bottle in hand again,
The loneliness in my shadowy stare;
Although I knew deep in my heart was pain,
I could always sat I was happy there.
Softly, quiet with the wind and the rain,
I knew that life should have meant more to me
Because it seemed like life was all in vain;
With skies clear, there was still nothing to see.
Love and life had always been so dreary,
Yet, now that I’m with you, love brings such bliss
That of life, I no longer grow weary,
So, my dear, know my love is in my kiss,
       And though I may forget a little thing or two,
       I always, always, remember how much I love you.

March 16, 1992

177. Childish Dreamer

Oh once I met a girl
       whose eyes would gleam and shine
       when any boy would stride by.
She laughed and giggled,
       admired his walk, his talk,
       the utter lack of style.......
She wanted to run through the snow
       yet at the same time
       feel a hot summer breeze.
She told me she wanted happiness,
       to live a life free of care
       and hold on to a quiet dream,
Yet when I tried to give her
       the love of a man’s heart,
       she turned and ran away.