June 24, 1993

242. Ana's Heart (Eyes That Will Never See)

What childish games you play
With the hearts of those who care.
How you swept me up in a whirl
And made me fall in love.
So much I gave up for you,
So much I put at risk.
I remember you telling me
       Time over again and again
How you wouldn't hurt me
Because you cared so so much.
What a fool I was to believe
That you could love another
                        besides yourself...

June 22, 1993

241. Simply...

The words of the poet can run so deep,
Make eyes water with tears,
Make hearts love over hundreds of years,
Yet sometimes I feel my poetics
Mean not a thing to you,
So I offer you a plain, simple phrase
To let you know how I feel...
“If you love me so much,
     Why must you hurt me so bad?”

240. Drowning In Tears

I'm gazing at your picture,
     There where it landed on the floor,
Asking myself so many questions,
     And finding so few answers.
Why does this love seem so enduring?
I see not how it could be
     That you say love is true
     When you leave me for selfish dreams.
Words could say none of how you've hurt me
     Over the past three heart-breaking days,
Yet now that I ask you to save me
     From one more night of loneliness--
     Save me from one more night of pain!!!--
I find myself alone in the dark,
     Struggling to breathe through tears,
     Fighting to keep my heart alive...
The pain you caused me hurt so deep,
     And now that I beg you to save me,
     You seem only to pour buckets of tears
     Into the river that drowns my love...

239. Restless Tears

Of all the things love has taught me,
I think crying is the one I know best.
So oft it seems there's nothing...
       Nothing to do but sit and cry.
Try, try, try again and again
       To make my love happy,
And what should I receive in return?
Well, let's look through these tears.
I'm crying my eyes out,
Lying alone in this cold darkness,
While she just sleeps my pain away...
All night I toss and turn,
Wondering why it is so
That no matter what I may do,
She still finds a way to make me cry...
And when morning comes,
She arises to a day anew,
While I look on the same day, sleepless,
Not two days, but only one enduring pain...
There is much I may not know,
But if love is tears, then I am the expert on love...