May 13, 1992

196. While You Were Away: To Cursed Tears

Wretched, cursed tears, how I tried to hide you,
So that she could not make out your frame on my face.
She needed to see you not, but so I would think,
                  neither did I.
You know she is to leave, but I ask you, cursed tears,
                  what may you do?
Ease her leaving, you wretched fool,
Be gone, cursed tears, until after...
       after your eyes have looked upon her the last,
For tears may make her want to stay here in this horrid place,
       and deep inside, you know she wants to go away.
Why keep her here if she will not be happy?
Hold you back, I will, cursed tears,
       so that you will not sway her favor,
For what matters is not me, but what is in her heart,
       as we both know if she wanted to stay, she should,
       and if she wants to run away, nothing will stop her,
                                     and she will go,
       so why should you make her feel the same pain I do?
Oh, cursed tears, let her run, run so far away,
       to leave me here with you, my scorned, wretched, cursed tears.......

May 10, 1992

195. While You Were Away: Without You, I Am Incomplete

The strong hand of the wind pushed at my frame
As I watched the clouds slowly rolling in.
The soft green grass alive with spring’s youth
Turned rough and dead under my bare feet,
The rough, sharp edges pointing into my flesh,
Leaving my life to flow freely out and away.
The trees all around so full of life and joy,
As they swayed in the breeze, playing with the sun,
Shriveled away into twisted, dead spears.
The sun was shortly gone and the lights faded away.
The scene became black and rain fell on my head.
I thought maybe I could still find my way in the dark,
But soon the water crept up to my knees, then to my waist,
And no matter which way I trudged through this sea,
The water seemed to grow higher and higher,
And though I was moving, I moved not anywhere.
Before I could react, or even stop to think,
The water was caressing my shoulders and my neck.
I tried to swim off the ground, but it did not work,
And soon I felt my last breath would be nigh.
Though I woke to find myself alone in my bed
Just before the water took my last treasure of air,
This is how I saw my beautiful world
If I could no longer share it with you.
Each time you turn and walk away from me,
Letting your hand slowly, gently pull away from mine,
A part of my soul, a part of me, leaves with you.
Whether you are gone for a minute, an hour, a day, or a month,
That part of me is with your heart deep inside,
Protecting, comforting, and just holding on tight,
And it’s gone from me while you are away
Until your return to my side--
So how is it you would think I could live
This life of an angel’s tears without you here,
                              with a part of me gone?
Fear none, my love so sweet,
       Without you, I am incomplete.......

May 9, 1992

194. The Picture Of You I Adore

I listened to countless hours
Of constant whining and complaining
About how silly and funny you look
In the picture you never wanted me to see,
Yet, my love, I ask of you this:
How could I not simply fall in love
With that cute, adorable smile you have,
Those dimples that I could write an endless novel about,
That perky little nose I love to kiss,
And those soft, warm cheeks I love to caress;
Your long, silky strands I run my fingers through,
The same strands that tickle my nose when we embrace?
But look at the eyes in that picture, my dear--
All the mysteries and wonders hidden
In those brilliant yet soft, loving eyes,
That innocent glance of beauties yet to come.
So give me your hand and look to the future,
As your eyes do in that picture,
And decide where you want to go and I’ll take you there......