October 9, 1994

293. Orphaned Minke Whales: Norwegian Scientific Whaling

The ocean lies so comforting about me,
Enveloping me in her wondrous arms.
The midday sun is filtering down
Through the majestic blue water
As my eyes stretch toward the surface.
Faster and faster I push upwards,
My lungs beginning to hurt.
Struggling...struggling...and finally...
A breath of fresh misty air.

I’ve been down so long,
I didn’t think I’d ever make it back.
Mom said that I had to stay down
When the boats came.
Wait!  Mom...I’d almost forgotten...
Where’s mother at?
She said when the boats came
She’d meet me here.
I’m looking around,
But she’s not here.

“Mother...Mother, where are you?
Stop playing...this isn’t funny!”

She’s not here.
She’s always playing like this.
I’ll go look around.
I remember the first time
I poked my head out of the water.
It was a new world to see.
I’ll just look around.
I know I’ll find her.

Oh, there she is.
Look, she’s playing with that boat.
Mom always says you have to be careful
And watch the people carefully
Because some boats you could play with
And some boats you had to run from.
This must be a nice boat
Because mom is getting so close.
Look...they’re yelling to her!
Mom must be playing...
I’ll go over and see...

It’s so nice of the people to talk to mother.
She says she doesn’t trust them,
But now, maybe she won’t--
What...What are you saying?  Go away?

No, mother, I want to meet the people, too.
Oh, look, now they’re saying hello to me.
So funny how they point and scurry about.
Oh, hello, people.
Wow, this water sure is dirty...
We must be close to shore.
What’s mother doing now?
Mother, stop it...you’re gonna knock over--
Uh-oh, she knocked over the little boat.
How funny...look at the people swimming away.
The don’t swim very well.

Mother...why’d you knock over the boat?
That was funny--
What?  Okay, let’s swim away.
What’s wrong, mother, you’re swimming slow?
What...What do you mean
I’m going to have to go north by myself?
I can’t find it...
Oh, mom, don’t be silly--
Oh, mother, you’re bleeding--
What happened, mother?
What’d they do to you?!
Mother, c’mon, let’s get outta here!
C’mon, we have to go, mother!!!
But, mother, if we--
Okay, okay, I’m listening.
Speak louder, mom, I can’t hear you...
Yes, mother, I promise to stay away
From the people, but you’ll be here
To help me, mother.
Stop talking like that, mother!
You’re not going anywhere!
I can’t make it on my own!
Mother...tell me you’ll be here...
You’re scaring me now...
Oh, mother, why aren’t you moving?
Oh no, she stopped breathing...
Mother, wake up!
Oh, please, mother wake up!!!
Here comes another boat, mother!!!
What should I do, mother...
Oh please wake up, mother!!!...

October 3, 1994

292. If Ever I Wanted To...

If ever I wanted
To commit suicide,
I would just sit
And recite your name
Over and over again
Until the sheer pain
Of hearing your name,
Remembering a time
When your love was mine,
Would break my heart in two...
And dead I would lie on the floor.
O, dead I would lie on the floor.