October 17, 1990

121. Dreams Of Laura's Yesterday

oh dormant state, take these eyes
to your world once more
and never let them return
for last night
you walked into a dream.
your name ran through my head--
my god, a thousand times.
we were lost in time
two years ago when we were almost one.
your loving eyes were there,
one with my glance.
your caring smile loved me
as i held you in my arms.
t’was just a dream
yet i felt your tender touch.
when i woke from such wondrous thoughts
my pillow was strained with tears.
how i miss you, my dear
how i miss you.

October 9, 1990

120. Civil War Drummer Boy

Your dead gaze at me
     with silv’ry-white eyes
     staring into a midday sky;
          looking at nothing.

What lies behind your lifeless face?
     tattered uniform faded;
     shoes on another man’s feet.
          What was your name?

A number, a statistic
     in some man’s book
     is all that we see,
          but what about you?

The stories such eyes could tell
     if only they still breathed.
     With each man, a tale,
          with each tale, a lifetime.

Where the rivers run red
     and the skies creep to black
     many a boy has been lost;
          lifetimes that will never be.

October 3, 1990

119. Becky's Heart: Eyes Could Never Tell The Tale

Looking back with weary eyes,
I see what behind beauty lies.
What lies I told myself today
When gorgeous I thought you would stay.
Yes, beauty is still there,
And of it, all are aware,
But few have seen as I do,
The cold heart inside you.
Ignore me as you may.
For truth will find its way
To those who look to you and sigh,
In them, a change of heart is nigh.

October 2, 1990

118. Regret #9,642 (or was it 43?)

I know little of you
     which makes it difficult to write.
What I offered yesterday
     was a friendly gesture; nothing more.
Had I known such a thing
     would have upset you so,
I would have kept silent
     and left you alone.
Though I expect it none from you,
     forgive me, Becky, please,
May you not speak to me again,
     Surely, I will understand,
But know from my heart to this pen,
     I truly am sorry.

117. Things You Said

What I saw in subtle eyes;
     Where are you now?
What do you know of me
     To say you hate me?
When I look to your smile,
     Your eyes trail away.
I speak caring words
     And you remain silent.
And after such brief seconds
     We smiled together,
     You wish to never again.
Dear girl, my intentions are clear
     So why do you abhor me so?
Had I known something so small
     Was so great in your eyes,
     I t’would have rested hands in pocket.
What has happened shall always be,
     And I beg forgiveness,
     But the future may always change;
     It is up to you.