September 22, 1994

291. When Robert Journeyed On

As long as I walk upon this Earth,
       And perhaps even beyond that,
I will remember what it was like
       The day we put Robert’s body in the ground.
How sorrowful we were,
       Each of us crying and weeping,
Even though Robert had asked
       That we not cry at his grave.
For the first time in years,
       We were all together again.
Each one of our separate lives
       Meeting at a single point again
       Where Robert’s life would end
       On the small plot of land, this deep, dark hole.
We tried to console each other,
       But all we could think of was Robert.
He was taken from us early,
       So much in the prime of life.
His entire life was before him,
       Cut short by a child with a gun.
So senseless it seems
       That someone with a future so bright,
       And a mind that could give the world
          So so much
Would be taken away from the Earth
       And journey onward to the beyond.
Forever will I remember
       The night Robert was taken away,
For it changed each one of our lives;
       Took a wonder away from the world
       And took the innocence of life
          Away from us all.

                         In Loving Memory Of Robert Sapinoso