January 16, 1991

134. Love, The Unwritten Play

This charade;
     Oh, it’s all here in this little game.
Love is my play
     And all of my life is the stage.
I wander from here to there,
     Forgetting where I’ve been
     And looking only to tomorrow.
Life was straight; life was still too short.......
So end Act IV, Scene II, and open with Scene III,
For now as this scene ends,
     I look only to the next.
Oh, love is the unwritten play,
     And story after story ends,
For not until the heartbeat stops
     Will the curtain fall
     And the actors bow to the tears in their eyes...

January 6, 1991

133. Best Wishes For A Beautiful Pair

So glorious the rose
Of white satin dreams
I hold in my hand,
Suddenly, aturned shallow red
From this horrid life and thorns,
Of such angered illusions.
What little happiness I have--
What joy do I have left to hold
But this frail heart torn apart?
That just the sight of my dear friend
In the arms of such a girl
Would make me wish to live tomorrow,
To watch he and she grow together.
So that happiness could and will be yours,
And the eyes of the future will look
Upon the two of you with happiness,
                         love, and all of its beauty,
For the joy not in my heart
Will only grow in the smiles and life the both of you share.