February 5, 1991

135. "...Torn Apart By All This Loneliness"

There is the shore
Where I once stood
And watched the world
Roll by on the waves.
You could have felt the pain
In the cold and misty air
As the moonlight pierced
The shattered fragments
Of dreams untouched by love.

There is the sand
Where I first sat
To write such somber words,
From my very first verse to the last,
That would kiss the ear
And caress the cheeks under teary eyes.
Countless hours, days and years
Have all run upon the waves
With love in their hearts,
But never quite reached the shore...

And where am I now?
What has all of this meant?
I stand on the shore
And watch the world
Rolling by on the waves,
Oh, just as before.
So many words, so many verses,
And countless poems later...
What has it all changed?.......Nothing.
So this is how it feels
       When your words have no meaning.......