May 25, 1993

238. The Boy In The Audience

There you are up on that stage,
Where you’ve always dreamt you’d be.......
The spotlight’s on you,
All eyes at the mercy of your glance,
But I ask you, what greatness
Do you think you truly hold?
You stand on this stage with a boy.......
A boy who has chased you for years,
Singing a love song to each other,
You, the words meaning little,
Only a ticket to the stage,
And to him, the words are the world,
As he awaits the “act” of kissing you in the end.
But let’s now look off the stage
And focus the spotlight on a second boy.......
This boy feels the words of the love song
       Being sung to you;
He hides tears with each little word,
Watching the girl he truly loves
Standing in her spotlight with another.
Such pain it must cause him
To watch a rival for your love
Sing to you whole-heartedly on the stage.
And only to make the story
       Even more bitter than its cold visage
Is the fact that you know
What pain it causes the boy you  “love”
To see you with another,
Yet the stage means more to you
Than the true-to-life love you trample on.......

237. Judgment

Who said you could make the rules?
What power have you been given
To choose what is right for others?
You’ll say your empty words,
Believe you are the God-given right,
But scream heresy when someone judges you.
Little Miss Prissy, you think it’s all yours...
What others do in the wrong,
Is all right in your eyes when you do it;
Well, excuse this humble poet when I say,
“Watch it when you play God, Little Miss Prissy,
For soon your followers will be none,
And alone for all eternity shall you stand,
Fretting over your friends turned enemies,
As they Wait to pass final judgment on you.......”

May 8, 1993

236. The Ocean On A Quiet, Lonely Eve

Rolling waves crashing upon the shore,
What do you try to say?
My words were once kissed by your waves;
    They inspired me to write.
Why have you stopped giving me the words?
    Walk upon your shores,
    Cherish your beauty, do I,
    And all you give to me now is confusion!
I wade into your depths
    To call upon you for inspiration,
    Yet you no longer oblige me!
“I’ve left a love!  Give me words to find another!”
A wave crashes on to the beach, echoing in my ears
    As I hear a whisper...”This I will not do,
    For without your true love, you are nothing.”
    My eyes scan the shore - No one is around.......

May 5, 1993

235. WORDS

                words are NOTHING
                only tumuLtuous sets Of letters,
                     RUNNING oVer page after pagE,
                     making stories and poems - tales...
                          where WORDS were once my LIFE,
                          now, words are NOTHING,
                                                                 without YOU...