November 28, 1990

127. A Last Poem For shell

Your eyes
     are wat’ring
          with my tears.
The ones I no longer
     wish to hold.
You told me of such
     wondrous colors,
But sometimes they seemed
     only different shades of black.
All you have managed to do
     is erase from my heart
     each word I wrote for you.
Your promises I thought
     were from your heart and soul,
But as I sometimes found,
     the flame of love had grown cold.
And now you call to me
     to see if I still offer the time,
But your colors have faded,
     so you read your final rhyme.

November 25, 1990

126. A Poem From Darker Days

My hands tremble with fright,
My nerves beg me to fall.
Everything’s closing in around me.
My eyes want to cry.
I see you sleeping so far away.
I’m so scared.  Why do I dream these dreams?
I want to see you - hold you in my arms.
We all cry for life, yet our hatred grows.
They say let’s end it all...
No pain, no worry, no more fears.
Death come my way none
Until the morn, when I kiss you.
For then, when I am in your arms,
I will feel safe to die.......

November 19, 1990

125. Why I Saw Nikole

Wind-swept sandy beaches
     Dance in my mind.
Sprouting young white roses
     Reflected in your dark eyes.
Through your smile I have seen
     Just what my life could be.
Your laughter makes the sky blue;
     Your beauty leaves me breathless.
Through all of this, you may wonder
     Just what I feel in this heart.
Would you know if I said
     I just enjoy being with you?

124. As You Read My Words

Do you ever wonder
     Why I write as I do?
Such things I could not tell you,
     Yet each word will be true.
As your eyes glance over these pages
     Your heart may be above,
But know through the ages,
     My words are my love.

123. The Morning Air

The shadows I once knew,
     Now I stand in the light,
Sprouted from early-morning dew
     And a tear from the night.
Gentle, like the petals of a rose,
     Are the dreams I dream of you.

November 9, 1990

122. Timeless Whispers Calling

If I were to count
      the hours I spend thinking
                          of you,
      how much more time would it take?

Just imagine if I said
      I sometimes miss you (your smile);
      would you even care?

There’s something in the air
      that smells like roses
      back from the days I once knew.

Oh haunting dreams call to me
      from your once-forgotten lair
      of tattered hearts and broken souls.

If only I could walk again
      without these words
                   in my eyes,
      then would you notice me?

Imagine if I said
      I sometimes long to hold you (your heart);
      Oh what would you say?

That something in the air;
      it sounds like whispers
      from the future I long to see.

Oh wondrous visions that flow through me
      of you and me by the shore,
      sharing the dreams in our hearts.

For what beauty I see
      can only lead me to
      on the many years I would wait for you.