January 12, 1997

300. What I Will Miss When I Am Gone (Upon Writing My 300th Poem)

Translucent is the page
As I hold it above the flame,
Bold, yet strangely humble words
So staunchly black against the transparent page.......
Who will read these words
Throughout their existence?
Who will look upon these words
With loving eye and caring heart?
Who will look upon these words
And remember the man of who's hand
     did pen their quiet vision
Of a distant world of joy and happiness?
Who will come to know the painful tears
     aturned made into joyful cries
As each day of my life passed
     and my time to compose my verse
                       grew even shorter?

299. The Moments We've Already Shared.......

Quietly I search my mind
For visions long forgotten
So that I may look upon
Every instance that we have shared--
To relive every second again
So that I may cherish once more
The idle days and the beautiful sunsets,
The warm simmer breezes,
The crashing of the waves at our feet,
And each one of your joyous smiles.
My only worry as with each day passes,
As you and I grow closer together,
Is that we will forget each of our moments
     in the past,
For is not it true that each moment is precious?
So know, my love, that when I stand at your side,
Gazing with you into our future,
The sometimes absent stare in my eyes,
Is only me cherishing the moments we've already shared.

298. So Many

So long has it been
That the ink of my pen
     had run dry.
So unfamiliar was the candlelight,
That I had long forgotten
How beautiful were the dancing shadows.
I am home---
So many thoughts do wander
Across the canvas of my mind,
Each a story I've yet to tell.
So do I regret the absence
Of my pen from the world,
For so many stories I will never tell.
So distant do these ideas lie
That t'would be impossible to recall
All the tales I did intend to tell.
So many lives of beautiful verse
That will belong to the ages,
Never to be read, just to be forgotten.......