January 21, 1992

167. Roses That Have Yet To Bloom

When I stop to think about us,
I dream that somehow I have had an effect on your life,
       Through words of love, and my warm embrace,
       So that you will always remember
                                 our special times
       And that I have, do, and forever shall, love you so.
I want you to think of me
                      when you see a white rose,
       Or when the sky is my favorite shade of blue,
       And know that there will always be one person
                          in this world to whisper,
                          “I love you,” into your ear.
I want you to know
              that should we part,
                        even for the shortest time,
Deep in my heart I will still love you
                        forever and always.
Looking into the future,
                        I wish I could see
                        What time has for you and me,
But know in you heart
                        Come what may, rich or poor,
                                 blue skies or grey,
                        I want to share the rest of this life
                                      with only you.......

January 19, 1992

166. Once I Cried A Joyous Tear

The soft lights were so delicate on your frame.
I could see those beautiful eyes looking out to me.
The gentle sound of the music echoed through my ears--
But most of all, I will always remember how I felt
Watching you dance upon that stage.
You moved with such grace, such beauty
That my eyes never left their glance upon you.
Few things in this world have ver touched me so deeply
To where I’d shed a tear of joy,
Yet as I watched you move
       And thought of you and me
       And all that we share, my vision was blurred by
              tears of happiness I thought I’d never see.
I remember all of the times we will always
                                     call our own--
The smiles, the laughter, the love.
And as I wiped these tears from my eyes,
       I felt the joy of knowing there will be more tears to come.......

165. A Dream Come True

I was walking alone.
Softly, with a quiet tone, the wind whispered
                                     into my ear.
“What is it you want?” the breeze asked me.
Slowly, I closed my eyes and returned my answer...
“I want to feel the surprise of a summer rain,
Yet be loved constant-never-changing.
Give me happiness and love--
Someone to cherish more precious
       Than all the world’s diamonds and gold.”
I felt the wind begin to move faster
                          around me.
Sternly, the voice shook my ears...
“You will have happiness strong and true
In a brilliant smile during days anew.
You will have more precious than diamonds and gold
In soft brown eyes and a love to always hold.”
Suddenly, before I could reply,
                          the wind was no more.
I then felt a gentle hand touch my face.
I opened my eyes and you were by my side
       To cherish, to love, and to share with my life.......

164. My Promise To You

I’ve often thought if you wonder
What I’m doing when were not together.
Well, I do only one thing--
                    think about you.
This world has many faces--
       many eyes, many hearts,
But through all of them that would try
       to steal my love from you,
I will keep them turned away,
For no girl in this world could ever compare to
       your eyes that sparkle in the light,
       your smile that touches my soul,
       your love that holds on to my heart.
With your charm, you have captured me so,
       to never want to let you go,
Know that with my love, my promises are true,
And I’m saving all my tender kisses for you.

January 15, 1992

163. When I Can't Be With You

I’m staring at the clock,
       Watching the minutes tick away.
My heart is being torn apart,
       And how I’m trying not to cry.
Here I sit, writing again
       Because it’s all I can do.
Never in my life,
       Not even as when I saw death with my own eyes,
       Have I felt so helpless.
I can feel you here in my empty arms.
I can smell your sweet perfume.
I can see that gorgeous face.
I can hear your voice, but when I turn around,
       You’re just not here where you should be--
       Locked in my embrace, protected from the world.
I can see your eyes,
              Oh what soft, wonderful eyes.
                            How I miss them.
I feel your touch, your arms holding my sullen frame.
I tell myself, as my hands tremble and the tears
                                         fall upon the page,
That it’s nothing I did, for all I have done is love you.
And if loving you is wrong, then let the fire burn me
       And the daggers pierce my heart,
       For I’d do it again and again and again.
I hear your laughter in the back of my mind,
       And God, it makes me want to cry
       Because I want to be there with you,
       Holding you and making the pain disappear.
Yet, even though I can’t be there,
       I know there’s a little piece of me in your heart
       That’s keeping you warm, keeping you safe,
       And telling you how much I truly do love you.

January 14, 1992

162. Nothing Means More Than You Loving Me

Through all of the clouds of this every-day life,
My eyes seem to see just a little clearer.
My lips cannot hold back this glowing smile.
Deep within the walls of my heart
That I once tried to hide and put away,
I feel such a wondrous, warm glow
That could set ice to melt away,
And make wilted roses bloom once more.
Outside, the sky’s gloomy grey is set a soft shade of blue,
While here within, my spirits rise to heights anew.
I have such a desire to bring you happiness,
Make life a surprise, and to give you the world...
All of these feelings and beautiful thoughts
Come only from your quiet words
And knowing that deep in your heart
     You really mean, “I love you.”

January 13, 1992

161. When First I Saw You Cry, I Realized How Much I Love You

“I cannot look on so fair a face
while it is disturbed with agony,
or on those loving eyes
when they are drowned in tears.”

                              -Sir Walter Scott
I’ve cried such painful tears
Through the course of these verses,
The lines hard to write,
The words ripped out of reality’s frame.
Never will I forget the teardrops
That made the ink run and fade;
The sorrowful, raging cries
That were always so close to me;
The cries that were all I had in life.
Yet through all of those hollow tears,
That have fallen from my eyes
Never did a single tear cut into
My shaking frame, dig deep into the
Hidden part of my heart
As the way the tears you shed did
When first I saw you cry.
My hands trembled, cold sweat in my palms,
My heart sunk, and my stomach turned
As those tears fell from
Your beautiful eyes.
“I love you,” I thought to myself,
Trying to make you know that I did,
Trying to send the pain away.
And through all that happened
As I held you so close,
I was so stunned to find
That deep in my heart,
I cared and felt so much more deeply
For your tears
Than I ever felt sorry for mine.......

160. Ode To Glancing From Afar

Our eyes have crossed
Across the countless crowds,
Yet you still do not know who I am.
Though we’ve never exchanged a word,
I felt in my heart that you should know
That such a gorgeous smile,
And those quiet, beautiful eyes,
Have brightened so many of my days.
In return, I offer you a rose
     to make you smile,
     to brighten your day,
And to let you know
     that in such a routine world,
     you really are very special to someone.

January 4, 1992

159. Innocence Lost II: Missing The Way You Were

Settle your soul, dear girl,
Of the wants and desires you feel,
For soon, the alcohol will fade away,
And I will be but a memory
In your cloudy mind and thoughts.
You tell me what luck I have,
              How fortunate I am,
To have such a beautiful girl that loves me,
And then you run your fingers over my lips...
I remember watching you grow up,
My friend’s little sister,
And now, here you are,
Bottle in hand,
       Sexuality in mind...
Oh, what happened to the little girl
       With the pink, lacy dress?
I shake my head, pulling away,
       As you try to kiss me.
Would you have done the same
       After sobering dreams?
Whatever the answer,
       I know I’ll always miss
       The little girl with the
              Innocent eyes.......

158. The Angel In My Arms

I asked for a picture
Just to see if you were real,
Because deep in my heart
I could not bring myself to believe
That the love and happiness
You’ve given to me
Could come from a mortal soul;
For it took your angel-eyes,
Full of love from a caring heart
To show me
Though your image is there on the paper,
That truly is an angel in my arms.