September 30, 1990

116. When Our Eyes Meet

Forgive me, dear girl,
Should my eyes trail to yours,
But you must understand...
Your beauty would conquer
The world;
I cannot help but look
Your way.
When cloud-covered skies pierce
My eyes,
I turn to your beauty to make
The sky blue again.
What you see in my eyes,
May not be ardor or joy,
But remember what you do see
Before these eyes trail off again.

September 27, 1990

115. A girl...

I remember a girl I used
     to know back when.....

Oh, how she laughed and
     carried on.
I hadn’t seen her for a year
     or maybe a little more,
But she walked up to me,
     and smiled that grin;
     Yet, something was different.
She told me how high school
     was going - her senior year
     was great!  She’d be 18 soon.
And then, she introduced me
     to her newborn son.
I never saw the same smile again.......

114. The Friend

Why do you stand in the rain
     When you know ‘tis warm inside?
You took time to curse your pain,
     But not to look to your side.
You detest us all with heart
     And call all men should die.
I listen, playing my part
     As dear friend, my words unsaid.
You say your trust is in me;
     That I am one to adore.
If only your heart could see;
     Of all these men who adore you,
     I love you more.......

September 25, 1990

113. Should You Not Hear From Me

I wonder sometimes
     if you still think of me;
     if you remember my smile.
I wonder sometimes
     what you’re doing right now;
     what you’re wearing - where you are.
I wonder sometimes
     if you still say my name;
     if the smile I adore is still there.
I pray with all of my heart
     that you are always safe;
     that you never forget me.
I pray with all of my soul
     that the good Lord rests at your side;
     that you are happy and aglow.
I pray with all of my love
     that you care for me still;
     that you know I am here,
For despite the miles
     that keep us apart,
     you are still in my heart.......

112. Why I Smile At You

Sometimes I feel so lost,
     wand’ring through crowds,
          gazing into faces I cannot speak to.
I seem to roam aimlessly.
     feeling roses in my hand,
          yet, I cannot breathe their scent.
Uncertain stares are cast my way
     and I wonder if I will sail
          in harmony or in storm;
So though you may wonder
     why I stop to say hi,
          or why I always smile.
I do so because I see warmth
     in your eyes and your smile,
          and friendship in your heart.

September 18, 1990

111. Dreams Of The Heart

Wand’ring eyes do catch my glance,
     then dart away under your smile.
Why do you gaze and wonder,
     then turn as our eyes meet?
Oh, girlish grin of innocence,
     why do you beckon me so?
I wander through weary gardens,
     and you always catch my eyes
     with flowing strands of life aglow,
     renewing such childish thoughts.
You search for your dreams in these crowds,
     and you may look all that you want,
     for you will be so amazed
     to find these dreams lie in your heart.

September 16, 1990

110. Journey

Yes, ‘tis easy to say,
               “I love thee,”
But had these three small words
               never been written,
I’d travel through fiery pit
               to the edge of heaven
               in search of the perfect rainbow.
When hence t’was found,
               I’d return to you with my gift
               and your gleaming smile
               t’would mean more than humble words
               ever could.

109. Awestruck Petals

What reality is this?
     T ‘all seems a dream!
I love you, my dear,
     and you love me the same.
Never could I have dreamt
     such a scared reality we share.
I gaze at brilliant smile
     upon your face
     and wonder why you love me so,
For you’ve taken humbled serf
     and made this lowly peck
          the glowing illustrious rose.

108. Aspiration

Sing to me, oh midnight wind,
     of angel-soft breezes
          kissing the shore
And I shall fall to my knees
     with trembling hand
          at my brow.
From somber ashes
     there grows a rose
          with petals sweet as moonlight.
Her calling is my breath;
     her words I caress with mine;
          tears from Heaven’s above.

September 13, 1990

107. Becky's Eyes

I see you gazing into shadows,
Through transparent eyes.
Long brown strands flowing;
Wondrous smile clutching my heart.
What mysteries lie behind those eyes?
What thoughts do wander there?
I see worn paths under your feet,
Heartache within your walls;
Manly promises are childish games.
Oh, what are your dreams?
Your desires?
Look; You will find your treasure
In the soul you elude.
No promises, only truth.

September 11, 1990

106. Prayer

Excuse me--
     Sorry to disturb You.......

Maker of this Earth and humble
                    soul I call my own.
I see what troubles you face
                    and what hardships you’ve visioned,
And I hold this cross sternly,
                    tears in my eyes,
My knees to the floor,
                    my hands trembling (uncontrollably).
Never in my life have I bowed
                    my head to the mercy of another
                    as I do now to You.
I once asked for riches and life ever-lasting,
                    as well as other selfish needs,
But now I ask for only one thing.......
                    no more!!!

September 7, 1990

105. All The Roses

Cold autumn breeze
Take away this frigid river inside;
Flowing from heart to mind.
Soft white petals
Strewn across summer’s last bloom,
Recall the lonely nights.
Where once I walked in darkness,
Lost in emotions confused,
Tormenting you, tormenting life,
I now stand fast as I hold you in my arms.
When I utter “I love you,” it means more
Than two lovers or two friends,
But all the roses, the walks,
       the smiles, the feelings,
And I say it just to let you know
That after all we’ve been through,
I stand here, your beloved friend
       looking into the future
                     with you.