May 31, 1991

142. The Wandering Stranger

How oft I’ve wondered
What happiness means
Through clear blue skies
And age-old streams,
Through lush green forests
And sunsets far away;
I have spent my life
Searching for it day by day.
Little do I find, but
Still I travel on,
Walking towards the sunset,
Walking towards the dawn.
The farther I wander,
The more I come to know,
But how futile it is,
For I have nowhere to go,
Yet show me a world in which
I could live my life with you,
And surely, I would travel there.
But what a fool to think it’s true,
So father on I journey
In this circle ‘round and ‘round,
Looking for something
Never to be found.

May 2, 1991

141. Your Broken Dreams

Oh, why do you say I am wrong
And take away what is there?
You press your lips to mine
And I think of what we could share.

You give me your hand
As we walk along the shore,
But two minutes later
You’re uncertain, just like before.

One day you love me,
And the next, you don’t care,
So now I walk away,
Offering only a lonely stare.

I try to love you,
But it’s harder than it seems,
For I’ll always be picking up
The pieces of your broken dreams.