November 22, 1991

145. The 155th Sonnet: Tiffany's Beauty

When silent sunset casts a shadowy grey,
The sky ablaze in brilliant twilight blue;
What joyous thoughts do warm a windy day;
The beauty of the world I see in you:
Spring’s young love does make the rose petals soft,
Tender as the evening seabreeze in July.
If only such beauty was mine so oft
That not a dew-kissed rose would ever die:
As tenderly our lips join with such bliss,
Such soft, silken skin I feel with my touch.
Why I touch your quiet face as we kiss?
To caress the beauty I love so much:
     So that when autumn’s leaves begin to fall,
     My love of you will see me through it all.

November 5, 1991

144. A Single White Rose

Stunning sunset before such captive eyes,
Radiant yellow sun falling beyond
Tranquility of the ocean blue;
Waves echoing through my ears,
Periwinkle clouds softly quiet in the sky.
What wonder that lies before weary eyes,
Yet heart and mind on nothing but you.
Your starry eyes sparkle ablaze;
The flush of your cheek when we meet;
A smile to clear gray clouds away;
The heart-stopping way you always
Look down before our lips come to meet--
O, what soft lips against mine
That could make the world stand still,
Bring the stars down from the sky.
With every whisper from your lips,
I await the moment when
That gorgeous smile will be mine alone.
What I would give that you knew how oft
Your beauty makes me stop to think
Of the sunset and the wonders of
                        a single white rose.