May 25, 1995

295. Dagger Into Back

There are to whom some you call friend,
And some to whom you call enemy,
But when they become
One in the same,
Such pain your heart has never known.
So senseless it is
To thrust dagger into back
Of a companion of so many years,
And all for a girl you care not of,
Dear friend, when you awake in morn,
When same girl, I would have cherished
For eternity on and on......

294. "You Would Call This 'Princess'?"

To think once I thought you a princess,
So much that I almost gave you my heart.
Oh, what a foolish child was I!
To see you lost in your precious drink,
Alongside he who calls to me “friend,”
Your laughter one in the same,
Your joyous touching so pleasantly rich,
Yet little do you know, pauper of a girl,
That he who betrays my friendship now,
Will do more than the same to you.
Oh, he will lie with you, but
While lady to whom his heart is pledged,
Dreams of the day they wed,
And in turn when hence forth,
It is you who dream,
He will lie down with another......

What fool I was
To think princess of you.
Such a vast kingdom I longed
To share in eternal joy,
Yet such a wond’rous kingdom
Would ne’er be worthy
Of such a creature as you.
And he who call to me “friend,”
Full aware the position of my heart,
How dare you shuffle me off
So that you may go to lie
With the girl I once deemed princess,
So that you could treat her
As just another night......

Quietly, I’ll remember
As my kingdom grows--
Lady worthy of “princess” at my side,
Men worthy of the word “friend” itself, my companions--
This single hour when
Not just a princess was lost,
But so died a true friend.