December 29, 1990

132. Why I Say "Nothing"

Crisp winter wind howling at my frame,
Desolate chill shaking my body.
For a few seconds, an instant
When a rose is at the perfectious bloom,
All in the world is nothing,
And nothing is everything.
I hold you so close and you ask
Why it is I look at you the way I do.
I say “nothing,” but I mean everything.
I say “nothing” because
I sit and search for the perfect words,
But actions really do mean more
Than words ever could.......
    That is why I should have kissed you.......

December 14, 1990

131. Just Because You Look Beautiful Today

You read my words
    and I know you wonder
    just what it is that they say.
Through all of my life
    I cannot remember
    a friendly smile more beautiful than yours.
I want to be here for you
    should you ever need
    a thing in this world;
I want you to know
    that through the rainy days
    I will be your friend;
I will be a shoulder to cry on,
    A smile to count on,
    And a hand to comfort you.
How do I know that?
    Maybe it’s in the skies,
    Maybe it’s in the warmth
        I feel in your smile,
Or maybe it’s just the way
    you wear that red ribbon in your hair.

December 9, 1990

130. A Poem For Anne's Smile

Across a cold, winter-blue sky
     I would fly;
Just to see that smile in the morn
And to hold it at night,
For your deep eyes
     Speak their curiosity,
And your laughter
     Shows me your beauty.
But should that wondrous smile
     Melt into a tear,
Through the days and the years,
I will always be here,
To give you that smile back
     And to dry those tears,
For the smiles you and I share
     May be few, but still,
They are more than words will ever know...

December 7, 1990

129. To The Girl In The Distance

Your smile is worth
     a thousand rainbows dancing
     across a midnight sky.
The tearful eyes of this child
     gaze to you to see
     what beauty life doth hold.
I see the endless nights,
     the joyous days,
     the times you forget me.
How oft I sit and wonder
     what my words mean
     to you and your heart,
Yet all I see are those eyes,
     the happiness I wish I knew,
     and your back as you walk away.

December 4, 1990

128. Jenny's Park: The Memories She Left Behind

     Through tear-filled eyes, crying silently into the midnight sky, she remembers this one special place that will always remain deep within the walls of her heart.  This subtle place was a park with long, grassy meadows and well-worm trees reaching into the abyss of the endless sky above.  Silently, it was there, year after painful year, never-changing, like that quiet friend you had in those younger years that never said a word, yet made your day brighter just by being there.
     The bright orange sun was quickly falling beyond the trees and nearby houses as the ice-cold wind roared through the leaves and branches of the lonely trees.  She seemed but a shadowy figure in the park as she gazed through those beautiful eyes to the desolate land for the answer she could not find in her heart.  A sharp, rusted creak filled the sky as the empty swings were pushed by the wind running over the sand, setting it asturred in scattered places.
     Quietly, she stood, the wind blowing her long strands of beauty across her face and into her eyes.  The muffled laughter of children running into their homes echoed through the evening air, as in the distance, she saw him, the last shred of happiness she was hoping for.  Slowly, he walked up to her and embraced her cold figure, his warmth running through her body.  Subtle words were gone from his eyes as angered whispers shook her heart.  She looked to his words for something to hold on to, but found nothing.  Slowly, he turned and walked away from her.
     Tears slowly drifted down the confused expression emblazoned across her face as she watched him walk away.  Could her have known what he was doing?  One of the most beautiful girls in all the world - in heart, countenance, and mind - and he was walking away after three years.  She turned her back to him and walked toward the lonely, swaying swings.  She then sat on the dew-kissed grass, wondering just what it
was she had done wrong.  “It’s not you!” I try to holler.  “It’s just not meant to be!”  It’s no use - she still cannot hear me as she wipes the salty tears from her cheek and slowly falls into a daze, her countenance’s thoughts wand’ring with the cries of the gulls above.  The cold wind rapped at her face and a soft raindrop kissed her cheek.  The sky seemed to be crying.
     Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and a pain of arms around her; she heard a soft voice whisper, “I love you.”  She turned to the voice, but no one was ever there.  The past will not come back.  Her days and nights were all set into her memories, like love letters tied together with a silk blue ribbon and hidden away.  The place around her was once full of laughter and joy.  The trees now shook with anger and their sky fell with well-worn tears.  Slowly, she stood, and taking one last glance at all of the moments and smiles he had tossed away with the last dying blossom before winter’s dawn, she quickly walked away.  She had to go.
     As she walked further and further away, the park grew smaller until she could no longer see it beyond the houses.  The laughter she and he had once known and shared grew quieter, until finally, she could no longer hear it.
     I watched her walking - I can see it in my mind - through the cold streets and darkened shadows.  What anger flourished with my soul to see such a thing, but the day was inevitable, yet welcomed by their hearts.  They had closed the doors and walked away, to carry on another day.