May 10, 1987

1. Don't Walk Away

I loved you.
It was just you and me,
When we would walk together, hand-in-hand.
I said that I loved you because I truly did.
And I said that I loved you, because you were
   the only one.
During the summer nights, I dreamt of only you.
You knew that I loved you.
That last time that we were alone together,
I saw no tears in your eyes,
I heard no remorse in your voice.
I would have never tried to hurt you.
I would have given my life,
Just to have held you one more time in my arms.
Still, I often remember how it used to be,
On those cold and rainy days in February.
I just wanted you to be mine, forever.
The love that I once had for you tore me apart.
I just wanted to love you,
To hold you,
To kiss you.
Must I always feel this pain?
Must I always live without you?
Must I always be denied your love?
Must I always shed these tears of sorrow?
Must I always watch you walk away from me?
I just needed your love more than life itself.