March 22, 1991

138. My Picture Of You

it’s all here in this portrait--
i keep it always at my side--
your transparent eyes,
the beauty, and all of your life.
i always wish
that there is something i could do
to show you the true beauty of this world.
if only i could
take you into these caring arms
and make the pain disappear,
for i remember the tears rolling down
your shivering cheeks, frozen by his coldness.
my dear, beautiful girl,
with teary eyes and your quiet smile,
put the past behind you
and look to the future,
for should your world
collapse around you,
i shall reach out my hand
and comfort your tears.
in this life, you shall always have
my heart to hold on to,
and my shoulder to cry on...

March 9, 1991

137. To The Girl Who Cheered Me Up That Cold December Evening

The warm summer sun, blooming flowers;
The echoing laughter bright’ning my life.
As love to the petals of a rose,
You picked me up and never let me down.
Loving words could never tell you;
I care for you more than life.
Saddened darkness was once me world;
A dream anew, you’ve let me live.
During those cold winter nights
Under a full moon so bright,
Tell me those tales you once told.
Relive those beautiful nights with me, for
Over the years I shall never forget
The one girl in this world
Who gave me something to live for.

March 3, 1991

136. A Young Girl's Innocent Eyes

My days are kissed with warm raindrops,
Falling from such a beautiful sky above.
The nights are but young white roses
Dancing through your brilliant eyes.
If only you know the wondrous feelings
Running deep inside--
When you stop to smile.
To walk with you in the rain,
And to watch youth’s brilliant roses bloom...
Across such dreams, I look to you and wonder,
For you know that empty spot there in your heart?
That is where I long to be.