June 17, 2000

346. To Chris & Shannon On Their Wedding Day

For we who make this journey of life,
What a marvel we are given to witness
From our beginning to our end,
Such things we will come to see
As all the while,
          The incessant waves of time break never-ending upon the shore.
The passage of time itself, we measure
          differently throughout our lives.
Young children count each very second,
         Waiting blissfully for that next smile.
As time moves on, so do we change.…..
          In each hectic life, we come to count
          The minutes, the hours, the days,
          Until we come to realize,
          We shortly have years to look back upon.
Though we use these measurements--
          Seconds, minutes, hours, days--
          To record and remember each of our journeys,
The true gift of life is when
          We come to measure things in a lifetime.…..

Two hearts come together,
          At first a little shy.
Smiles turn into laughter,
          Laughter into a sigh.
Days become weeks,
          Weeks become years.
Years turn to mem’ries,
          Moments of happy, joyous tears.

Minutes apart from each other
Grow into seconds without one another,
As without warning, you’ve become one,
Suddenly, there’s a love that cannot be undone.
Love, in its splendor and wonder, continues to grow
As more and more of each other you come to know.
Gray clouds do sometimes fill your blue sky,
But it’s not before long, your two hearts know why.
This is what the journey has been for
And never could you come to love another more.

You are here today to begin to measure time
Not in seconds, not in days, but in a lifetime.
We are here to share our love with you
As you move forward from today, beginning a life anew.
Take form this moment, our love, our happy tears,
Rejoice your lifetime through the years,
And know the two of you have found
          A love that comes along just once in a lifetime......