February 14, 1993

234. 1-Cent Stamps

Put thirty cents in the machine...
29-Cent Stamp / 1-Cent Stamp
Oh, what is this thing for?
Nothing but to make you pay
Just one more cent to Uncle Sam
Because who could use the money more
Than the government?
But that’s okay,
Because it’s Valentine’s Day,
And I’ve put twenty-nine of those
Awkward little stamps on an envelope
And sent it to you to tell you
That you are the best in the world
And to show you the trouble I would go through
Just to let you know that I Love You.

February 7, 1993

233. "Of Course I Don't Hate You..."

The monsters ate off your face!
Well, at least that’s what happened
       In my dream last night.
There you sat, all cutesy and annoying,
Lost in your sweet little world
Where all is perfect and lovely,
When all of the sudden with an icy stare,
The monsters spotted you.......
They licked their lips, widened their eyes,
Jumped over to you, and ate off your face.
Suddenly, from my dream I awoke with a start,
Thinking how cruel and horrid
Such a thing would be for you,
So I picked up the phone and called you.......
Once I knew you were safe at home,
I called those nasty monsters
       To give them directions to your house.......