April 24, 1991

140. My Secret Love

Standing in the doorway,
Looking down at you,
Watching as your
Sweet eyes sleep and
Dream of a day anew.
The young red roses in my hand;
The soft warm rain
As it hits your windowpane;
The midday sun casting the light
Down on to such a wondrous visage;
The beauty of all the world,
I see when I look to you.
If only I might wake you
With the touch of my hand
On your soft cheek,
And the loving eyes
I’ve waited so long to show you.

April 17, 1991

139. The Short Glances We Share

Across the crowded hallways,
I have watched you for so long;
My heart falling with your every smile.
How oft I sit and think o f you--
Those tender eyes, your gentle laughter.
My dreams of you are young white roses,
Longing to caress your soft cheek
And rid you of those tears forever.