April 17, 1996

297. Happy Birthday, Princess

I took up a scrap of paper,
To wish you a happy birthday,
To show you how much I love you,
And just to let you know...
                you are my life.
Quickly, my pen moves,
For the first in what seems years,
I am once again The Poet,
And no longer a stranger to Romance;
Again, I dream of grandeur--
     Of castles in the sky
     And a love-everlasting
     With a beautiful princess by my side--
For, this time, there is a difference...
Before I was a boy with dreams so grand,
Yet today, I am a man making dreams come true,
And you are the princess for whom
     All of these dreams will unfold--
     A princess so worthy of dreams,
     And my dreams finally worthy of a princess...
No greater way could I think of
To wish you a happy birthday
     Than to give you my life
     As you give to me, one more of yours......