October 16, 1992

222. Starting Over

Sitting quietly along the shore,
Listening to the waves crash
Upon the soft, white sand,
I shut my eyes to the beauty
And listened to the voices
Dancing through my mind.
So many different voices,
Each pulling me apart
In an opposite direction,
Telling me to go a way
I no longer wish to travel.
I remember the dark nights,
Alcoholic afternoons,
And all the hardships,
And still, I cannot forget
What the happiness meant
To me during the days
When love was all my own,
Yet, I know that when all is done,
It is time to move on
And put to rest yesterday
And all the voices trying to hold me back.
It was then that I opened my eyes,
Stood, and left my disappointment behind.
I turned from the ocean I once knew,
Setting my heart on making my sunsets dreams of you...

October 1, 1992

221. First Day At College

So many quiet sounds,
The wind blowing the trees,
Birds softly echoing songs
And so many silent prayers afoot.
Such faces I see here,
Some stark with seriousness,
Some joyous with laughter.
Some gorgeous as a soft white rose,
Others stone-cold with plainness,
Yet stuck solid in all their dreams.
This young man sitting here,
How I wonder why he is here.
What dreams are behind his
Broad face and that uncombed hair?
Where does he long to be,
And where has he come from?
The young lady sitting across from me
With the shallow green eyes and golden strands,
Sketching a picture of a boy sitting under a tree;
What dreams and hopes wander there?
Where will she be ten years from now,
And will she still somehow remember today?
Such beauty could only see beauty,
Yet, why does she look to me with a smile?
So many thoughts in so many open minds,
Yet, what will I come to know as true?
Does she wonder the same as I?
Today I started my life
And left the life of my family and friends behind,
For this future is mine,
And these are my dreams and hopes...
To know ten years from now
I’m sitting here, living the right dream...