July 23, 1990

83. Time Spent With You

   Soft wind rushing through my hair
   As the trees and buildings roll by.
   Oceans separate us from the world--
   Two lives as one, all the world
   Lost in the breeze as it flies by.
   The problems of our lives
   Are no longer ours, but mem’ries
   Of a faraway horizon.
   Yes, we must go back
   In only a few short hours...
   But always remember the moments
   When all that matters in the world
   Is you and me.

82.Behind Your Eyes

 Forgive me--
      If I hold you too long,
      Or too close,
      Or just plain too much,
 But you must understand
      What trance lays
      Before my wat’ring eyes
      When I gaze upon
 Those two shim’ring
      subtle oceans blue,
      soft pearls
      of a joyous smile so bright,
      and all of the beauty that lies behind them.

July 16, 1990

81. For Me

 Subtle tears, oceans of
      vivid emotion and thought,
 Bringing back mem’ries
      of white roses stained red--
      frail fingers on horrid thorns.
 Tears of pain, nor strife
      are these drops of life,
 But joyous tears of happiness,
      for with the endless words
      I’ve written since birth,
 Never had I heard a
      single word written for me
      until your loving words echoed through
      my ears as a snow-capped wasteland
      suddenly a pasture of blossoms divine,
 Changing my life; changing my words
      with wondrous dreams of what
      tomorrow’s sunrise will bring.

July 15, 1990

80. Our Garden

    Picked from its stem
         some time ago,
    You placed this frail
         flower in my hands,
    Yet a lush garden
         of daisies and roses
         has begun to sprout.
    Each petal, a soft
         moment in time--
    A beautiful instant in
         all of the world spent with you.
    And now, I return this flower
         in the hopes of it
         sprouting a garden
         of love, joy and happiness
         in your heart.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

“For You” by shell

“There was a time in which i believed that perhaps it was the wind - only the wind, which called my name sweetly through the treetops of time; calling ‘til the echoes of its serenity settled gently and softly into the far corners of my heart.  And there was a time in which i came to believe that only the sun could warm these child’s eyes - as the sun remained to constantly flood me with beams of happiness and rays of security and peace; becoming a celestial haven to run to in times of anguish and times of need.  In those times when i desperately sought more than the empty promises that i found so easily among the well-meaning antidotes of family and friends.

But as i took a moment to pause in time and listen to the stillness and quiet in my once tormented soul - i chanced to stumble upon another possibility.  And I pondered this thought just long enough to realize that the sun and the wind were only quiet memories; memories of recent time during which i had shared moments of tranquillity and happiness with you...and I can only thank you in simple words for these joyous revelations that i have found in the pathways of mind; and now I only pray with all of my heart that there will be many more moments to remember in the days that will soon be past and in the days that are yet to come...

                          the seed has been planted...
                                                 let the garden grow...” *

*  ”For You” was written by and is the property of Michelle Luhman, 1990.

July 12, 1990

79. Angelic Dreams

  Darkest night,
       I lay restless upon a bed of
       Angelic white feathers,
       Yet they prick into my back,
       Swords of love’s tattered warriors.
  Oh, shadows of the evening sky,
       Ease the pain of conquests failed,
       Let the world’s happiness be mine.
       Take from me the suffering you always give,
       Lay upon me a new life.
  Suddenly, no moon, no stars, no light.
       Blackness lies before my eyes.
       When across the midnight sky
       A bold rainbow spans.
       Oranges, Blues, Yellows, Reds, darkness gone.
       How your light has made me joyous!
       Reds, Yellows, Blues, Oranges, ever-changing lights.
  I fight the sleep, yet the colors fade.
       Softly, I whisper,
       “Give me a dream so that I may live tomorrow;
       Make this life livable, complete.”
  When I awoke, I turned to see my
       Wish had been granted,
       For sitting there, watching my sleep
       Was my new life...

July 11, 1990

78. Sunrise

  Wand’ring eyes gazing
       To and fro this empty page
       And a sunrise so divine.
  Gentle blues and subtle oranges
       Dance in the sky,
       As orchid clouds roll by.
  A new day’s dawn
       Of early morning green;
       Of dew-kissed petals shim’ring,
  Yet, not a word I seem to write;
       A profound love poem,
       Or a simple rhyme - What does it matter?
  For though loving ink may not always flow,
       Love from my heart and glowing eyes
       And new life from my soul shall.
  If I utter not a word, nor recall a single thought,
       Your heart must not cry
       Tears of uncertainty and pain.
  Behold, such emptiness
       Shall only give way
       To more thoughts of you.

July 10, 1990

77. Savior

 With the eyes of a broken child
      I looked upon a life of somber verse,
 Brutally tossing me between hatred and favor,
      Wond’ring when I’d see a new sunrise.
 Faceless, pallid eyes called to my heart,
      A worthless paradox of life and death.
 Yet, into the darkness reached a frail hand
      And again I envisioned faceless eyes;
 No longer wan, these eyes were of the oceans, the sky,
      And atopped with golden strands.
 This hand reached to me and I took it
      As sure as I sit here with you.
 Darkness no more, revelation is mine
      In a heart I hold so dear - yours.

July 9, 1990

76. My "shell"

“shell” she signed her name,
     upon my heart with her wisdom;
     upon my shaking hands with her warmth;
     upon my eyes with her beauty;
     and upon my soul with her grace.
her subtle words kiss my mind
     as tender roses swaying
     in a warm summer breeze.
never did I notice the full moon
     when it is shadowed by tranquil clouds;
     nor what beauty the sea beholds crashing upon the shore.
a world anew she has opened to my eyes;
and with each new step forward,
     i shall walk neither fore or behind,
     but at your side where i fancy.