January 19, 1994

273. Tiffany's Birthday

Today was Tiffany's Birthday
   And I remembered how it used to be,
Those two long years ago...
All was so wondrous,
   It seemed a dream come true,
And she loved me with all her heart.
I remember dancing with her,
Sharing in all her joy and bliss,
Gazing at her beauty...my beauty.
Who would have thought on that day,
   That I would fall in love so deeply,
   Then, like a fool, throw it all away.
We once shared the most intimate dreams,
   Dreams of lifelong bliss
   And a love the world has never seen.
Oh, I remember how she loved me,
   How she cherished our love
   With innocent, caring eyes.
Never have I forgiven myself
   For tossing such a wonder away,
And my soul knows I never will.
I spent one birthday
   With my precious Tiffany,
And so it will remain forever.
She will celebrate many, many more
   With others in her heart;
   Maybe someday with her children,
And though her gorgeous eyes won't see,
   I will celebrate the same January 19th
   When I sit alone in regret, and bow my head to cry.......

January 17, 1994

272. All This Love Undone

Your angel-eyes will never understand
What my heart is telling you.
I think you shall never know how I long
For you to love me as you used to.
You know not how hard I try
To give you all that you may desire,
For I would risk my life for your heart,
Throw my body into the fire.
I listen to you say you still love me,
As further and further you drift away.
You say you long to be mine again,
Yet you close up to me more each day.
You once were so open with love
That you cared not what I did wrong,
For in the morning, you'd forget
And awake me by singing a love song.
Not it seems you hold a deadly dagger
And wish us to be forever apart.
What soul lies within your eyes,
That would wish to run such daggers through my heart?
How my heart has grown to fear
That day you no longer care,
For you have pushed me so far away,
That when I cry out, you are not there.
It seems as though you may be forever lost,
All our love, All these moments undone,
As our hearts and souls begin to part,
Never again in this world to be one...

271. Little Girl Lost

Your angelic eyes will never see
What my heart is trying to say.
I've shared so much with you
Over the years of our lives...
I've watched you grow up with me,
I've even heard your passionate sighs.
I've walked the endless road with you,
Together we've traveled
       To the edge of Heaven.
I've seen you slip away
Into a world much too deep
For your own heart to handle,
Where evil wears the face of friends,
And souls are bought and sold.
SO hard I fought to find you,
To reach through the dismal gloom,
And pull you out of that world,
Bringing you to safety by my side
Where love could be your protector.
And once I had you safe with me,
I turned my head away from you,
Not even long enough to  escape your face,
And you again were traveling that dark road,
Journeying once more into that world
Where not even my love keeps you safe.
So now, here I sit,
No idea where you are, or who you're with,
Or even if you still breathe alive.
I've lost you once again
To the evil bearing the face of friends.
No matter how hard I try,
You still refuse to see
That you are not gaining friends,
But losing the destiny meant for you and me.
You've pushed me away so far,
As you explore this world
You think your heart desires,
But perhaps once you do realize
What a mirage your world has become,
It will be too late for me to pull you out,
Much too late for me to return to your arms...

270. See Not My Tears

Mine eyes broke into tears.
Uncontrollable, painful sorrow
Overcame my silent frame
As I gazed upon you sleeping,
Your dreams calling to me
Through your distant sighs.
So long had it been
Since my longing eyes
Had looked upon you...
So long that I’d forgotten
How beautiful you are
When you sleep.
Just one look at your visage
And my valiant heart fell
As into a distant world,
I flew at the mercy of love.
My hands shook so frantically,
And no longer could I breathe.
God, how I had missed you
In the long months
That my heart had been away,
Chasing needless, selfish dreams
And leading you astray.
Before I could stop to think,
Or even hide form you my tears,
The pillow upon which you slept
Was damp with my crying
And slowly, you began to wake.
Quickly, I stopped my shaky hands
And dried all traces of the tears
From my lost eyes and shallow face.
I darted across the room
And sat so far away,
Pretending I was occupied
As slowly, you opened your eyes.
I appeared not to notice
As you came to realize
The pillow was soaked in tears,
And our love throughout these years.
You asked me if in your sleep
You had begun to cry.
I said that I did not know,
That I wasn’t paying attention.
I still do not know
If you realize those were my tears
That woke you from your distant sleep,
Trying to make you finally see
That apart, our lives equal none
And only together will you and I
Conquer this world to find our destiny....