September 30, 1993

250. Fading Colors Of Yesterday's Tomorrows

I can still clearly recall
       The night you gave to me
              This picture I just found
                     Hidden away in a box.
What pride I took in its colors,
       Putting it out for all to see
              So I could show everyone I knew
                     What beauty your eyes did hold.
I'll always remember
       How it felt to hold you,
              Lying quietly in the dark,
                     Whispering soft words of life.
But just as quickly
       As all of this began,
              You stopped coming to see me
                     And soon forgot about our dreams.
Now, my magic, wondrous picture
       Was all but a memory
              Of yesterday's tomorrows
                     That were never meant to be.

249. "Because Of Me..."

I've seen a young girl's tears
That would make the sky fall.
Such pain was in her cries,
Her heart slowly sinking in sorrow.
Yet, of all the tears I've seen,
Even tears from my own eyes,
Never did any hurt me so deep
As the tears I've caused you.
From this day through my life
I will forever have a dark spot
Sitting roughly on my solemn heart,
My regret for causing you pain.
Words could never make up to you
For the childish games I played.
This I know for these words
Have done nothing to stop my sorrow.
My dearest, please forgive me so
For all the wrongs I have done
And know from this day forward
I will never hurt you again.
Promises may be broken,
And lies are easily told,
But as sure as the sun burns,
I can't tell you what hell it's been
Knowing that you, my one true love,
Cried a painful tear
            Because of me.

248. Daydreaming From The Shadows

To try and count the times
       I've watched you smiling,
                                        from afar,
       Would take from now until
  We were both old and grey.
How often I've stood in the shadows
       Far away from your glance,
                                        your eyes,
       Watching your every breath,
  Waiting for your every laugh.
Each day passes on and on,
       And still I haven't found,
                                        haven't seen,
       Any way in which I could say
  All that I've longed to give to you.
Almost every night as I sleep
       Dreams of you fill my mind,
                                        my soul,
       And these dreams we share,
              Hand-in-hand, together we stand.
If only one day my dreams could be
       The reality I've always wanted,
                                        always needed,
       Where you are forever at my side
              And all in the world is just you and me......

247. April's Portrait

Silent portrait looking down from the wall,
Such wondrous beauty piercing through my soul;
Deep into my heart those brilliant eyes call;
Just one glance to you and my dreams she stole:
If only painted canvas came alive,
Visage so real, her frame I long to hold;
That I might begin a love that would thrive;
A romance precious as all the world's gold:
How I curse the cruel fate of these dreams--
What pain is it to know this is not real;
Beauty's reality not what it seems,
Never her warm, gentle touch will I feel:
          Though I search for love, I have come to see
          This is as close as we will ever be...

September 29, 1993

246. Since You Left My Side

During days gone by
       I would look at your love
              And it's beauty would make me cry.
Now such wonder is gone;
       The nights lonely -- empty arms,
              Asking star after star why...
Happy tears have all gone away,
       Tears of sorrow
       (oh, these tears of pain)
              Are all I see day after day.
My eyes have not shed
       Even one joyous tear
              Since you went away.
I've learned how it is
       To lose every smile,
              And watch each sky blue turn to grey.
So tear after tear will fall
       As dreary days pass on and on,
              Dreading each sunset...Dreading each dawn.....