February 23, 1994

278. Dancing Under The Sun

Do you remember dancing
                 under the sun?
All in life was a marvel,
And reality seemed so far away.
Our hearts were together as one,
And it seemed we would never part.
Love was so grand--
We envied no one - our lives were perfect,
So perfect that love envied us.
What I would give
To make those days ours once again--
To return you to my arms--
Day after hopeless day,
I wander through the rain,
Storm clouds forever over my head.
You are my first thought in the morn,
My first dream each night,
And every thought and dream in between;
Every second, every moment,
Praying that one day in my life,
We will once again
                 Dance under the sun.......

February 22, 1994

277. When I Lost You...

It's the same old story--
Chasing dreams we know we'll never find.
I can't ever seem to let go
Of the images dancing
           in my mind.
You're not who you used to be
And I won’t let myself believe
That you have gone away--
The girl you once were,
Never again will I find.
You've drifted so far away from me
That no longer do you treat me kind.
You spite each word I say,
Telling me my concern for you is gone.
I tell you "I love you,"
You tell me you haven’t got the time.
I tell you "I miss you,"
You tell me to just be quiet.
Listen to the words you use,
They cut sharper than knives.
At times you say you care for me,
Then you turn and run far away.
You don't want to "deal" with me--
I just don't fit into your life.
You say that you love me,
Then the next minute,
           you're playing with my mind.
How can you do this to me
When all that has grown cold
Is the way you hold my in your arms.
You've fallen away from me--
Disappeared out of my life.
Each time I try to get next to you,
You just push me aside.
I've tried so hard just to let you see
This wondrous world I'd give to you,
Yet each time you speak to me,
You tell me I just don not understand--
How can I understand
When you just run me out of your life.
We once were one, not two,
But now all that matters is you.
I can only hope one day you realize
When I am no longer waiting by your side--
The pain that you caused my heart
Because it was second best
Behind the world you've fallen to.
I don't know you anymore--
Or why you've become this way.
I only wanted to give you the world,
But there's things more important in your life.
Perhaps one day you will understand
How harshly you treated me--
How coldly you pushed me away
And how much it saddened me
To know you didn’t want me around.
So next time you yell at me
And tell me to leave you alone,
I hope you can remember, dear,
All the times I forgave you.
All I'm trying to do is love you,
Take you away to paradise,
And all you do
Is turn your back and walk away...

276. "The Face I Can't Escape"

It's the same old story--
We're always holding on to the past.
I can't let the mem'ries go,
                     just fade away.
Under this sunset so bright,
I can't learn to just forget,
Can't let these tears fall down.
I've tried day after day,
Just to get you off my mind.
No matter where I may go,
No matter the countless hours that go by,
I'll never escape your beauty,
Never just turn and run far away.
Each night as I lay awake,
Praying for the new dawn,
Your figure dances before my eyes
And I know never will life be complete--
Until you are in my arms.
For all the rest of my life,
I will journey through these storm clouds,
Searching endlessly day by day,
Never forgetting where I've been,
Always remembering your precious face.......

February 21, 1994

275. When Christy Disappeared

Shadowed under mystic moon light,
       Forever will I remember
       When first I saw your laughter;
              Eyes glimmering softly,
              Such a magnificent heir.
              Countenance of an angel;
              A beauty so divine.
So wondrous you looked that night,
       How I longed to hold you,
       To sweep you away into a world
              Where all the problems,
              All the hardships of this life
              Fall away into a two-fold bliss,
              Dreaming of waking you each morning,
                                 quietly......with a kiss.
Such delicate words caressed your lips;
       With each subtle gesture you made,
       I hung on the edge of heaven--
              Hoping, Wishing, Praying for some sign
              That you wanted to be mine.
              ‘Twould be a dream come true
              To share this life with you......
Quiet are these mem’ries now,
       As they look through stained glass,
       Images beautiful, yet tainted.
              From time to time,
              I wonder where you’ve gone,
              If your beauty still walks this earth,
              And if ever, you stop to remember me......
How oft I’ve thought of looking,
       Trying to find you in the crowd,
       Yet, each time I take a step,
              My heart reels me back
              As I wonder and wonder
              If you disappeared for a reason,
              Or if you only wanted away from me......

February 1, 1994

274. Growing Tired

" 'cause it'll never happen again. "

How oft I've said to you,
     Just moments before I managed
          To do it once more.
Empty promises
     Are all I ever seem to give to you.
          Maybe that's why
               I shouldn't promise anymore.

" I love you. "

Each time you say to me,
     You prove more and more
          That you mean not a word you say.
Subtle lies
     Are the only thing you give to me.
          Could that be why
               I don't want to hear anymore?

Now it seems all that we share
     Are empty promises and subtle lies;
Gone is the love that we once knew,
               Never to return.
We are candles dying slowly in the breeze...